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Service & Logistics

Hartmut Mezger, managing director


Customer satisfaction is very important to us.
You will find ARCTIS a reliable business partner offering highest convenience because:

  • products cover only the shortest distances from production to shock freezing and storage in our freezer warehouses since all buildings are located in one big complex.
  • you can count on optimal availability of all products. Our freezer warehouses provide a generous capacity of 3,500 pallets.
  • from production to storage to delivery the freeze-chain is never broken. The frozen bakery goods are transported by ARCTIS-owned freezer trucks or by qualified contracted carriers to cover greater distances.
  • ARCTIS delivers promptly! With our own logistics we reach destinations in the state of Baden-Württemberg in only a few hours. Further destinations in Germany are supplied by contracted carriers in 1 to 2 days. International deliverie will be timed individually, according to the urgency of your order.
  • deliveries are made in company-owned, neutral freezer trucks, so as to not attract any unwanted attention.
  • whenever you are supplied by the neutral ARCTIS freezer trucks, you have the opportunity to give back the cardboard packaging of your previous ARCTIS purchases.
  • ARCTIS has built up a qualified specialist staff. Whether by personal contact or on the phone, the competent ARCTIS team always enjoys helping you and sees to your needs.
Delivery - ARCTIS owned freezer trucks - delivery within germany and worldwide


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