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Jogging roll (3x20)
149   vgb   70g   60
Potato roll (4 x 20)
065   vgb   80g   80
Rye roll (4 x 20)
078   vgb   80g   80
Multi grain roll (4 x 20)
070   vgb   70g   80
Pumpkin seed roll (4 x 20)
066   vgb   70g   80
Spelt roll (4 x 20)
148   vgb   70g   80
Baguette roll (2 x 50)
010   vgb   65g   100
Baguette roll (2 x 40)
011   vgb   85g   80
Mini Baguette
021   vgb   140g   50
026   vgb   90g   90
072   vgb   150g   45
Multi grain quark stick (3 x 20)
045   vgb   115g   60
Grain quark stick
043   vgb   120g   50
Panini, oval, plain
218   vgb   130g   15
OliTomBa (olive,tomato,basil)
145   vgb   140g   60
Jumbo Kaiser roll, stone oven
025   vgb   85g   50
Poppy seed roll (2 x 40)
131   vgb   70g   80
Sesame seed roll (2 x 40)
132   vgb   70g   80
Schrippe f. the stone oven (2 x 50)
077   vgb   70g   100
Kaiser roll f. the stone oven (4x25)
076   vgb   70g   100
Farmer´s roll / Ciabatta roll (4 x 20)
080   vgb   60g   80
Snack roll / Ciabatta roll (3 x 20)
067   vgb   100g   60
Assorted rolls (variety of 4) (4 x 10)
135   vgb   60g   40
ugg= not proved vgg= pre-proved vgb= partially baked  fb = ready baked fb/gl= gluten-/ lactose-free
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