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Three generations in front of the historic stone oven:
Heinrich Sehne (✝), Gerd Sehne (managing director), Thorsten Sehne

ARCTIS stands for best product quality.

We achieve this with a partner who has been a known top-address in the baking trade for decades - the SEHNE bakery. To complete our range of products we are also obtaining best quality bakery goods and accessories directly from producers in Germany, France and Belgium.
The Sehne bakery is an owner-operated business, combining the claim for highest quality with an entrepreneurial spirit and family-oriented management style in such a successful way that customer satisfaction has been sustained for decades.

To always offer you the best is possible because:

  • for our products we use high quality ingredients grown and produced locally and regionally, chosen by nutritional experts.
  • our bakery features the newest manufacturing plant that ensuresthe reliable production of an extensive range of bakery items.
  • the production equipment is generously and efficiently placed on an area of 10,000 m².
  • new equipment is smoothly integrated into the manufacturingprocess and thus guarantees the trouble-free flow of production.
  • as the SEHNE bakery and ARCTIS are located directly next to each other, best results in terms of synergy and quality are achieved.
  • at the SEHNE bakery many steps in production are traditionally done by hand.

Our main producer, the Sehne bakery, was awarded the DLG gold medal 2013 - and this for the 21st time in a row! DLG stands for the German farmers association, which honors excellent product quality.


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